Architectural Control Committee

Under the current Board, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) became defunct and continues to be short handed.

The start of the issue as reported by a former ACC Member: “I was on the ACC at the time this happened. A builder requested a variance for a driveway that was over 60% steeper than the max allowed. We denied the variance so the builder threatened a lawsuit. The board came at us with 2 choices, either approve the variance or if it was denied the builder would file suit. The board President informed the committee that the lawyer guaranteed the builder would win and if that happened that each individual on the committee could be personally sued without protection from SV. That’s was one of the main reasons most members quit the ACC.”

After this mass resignation of members, ACC activity all but came to a halt, with Member requests being unreviewed for months at a time. At the November 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM), not all ACC positions were filled, leaving the the committee still short on volunteers. Periodically meetings were cancelled and Member applications were again being delayed or ignored. Members have applications approved without ever receiving notice of approval.

The ACC has worked to find volunteers to fill positions to return to a fully functioning committee, yet personal vendettas have taken precedence, leading the board to deny valid membership requests (video below).

WATCH: Director Wold (AKA Voldt) disparages ACC Committee volunteer Leslie McRoberts and leads the charge in having her membership – which the ACC already voted on and approved – denied.

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