Blessing Boxes & Little Libraries

The Blessing Boxes and Little Libraries throughout our community have been in effect for quite some time. Some were installed or repaired with the help of SVCA maintenance staff.

Currently, Director Wold (AKA Voldt) opposes them. The reasons given were that she does not like to look at them as she feels they do not conform to ACC standards. It was also stated that they are a liability because of the extreme heat and humidity the food is subjected to and advised that SCVA will no longer allow maintenance to help with these boxes and their upkeep. Most of the boxes are maintained by volunteers but that was also claimed a liability and not recommended. These boxes’ futures are unknown at this time.

Fun Fact: There is a federal law limiting liability to those who are in good faith providing food for the needy.

WATCH: Director Wold (AKA Voldt) discusses her thoughts on our community Blessing Boxes.

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