Board Meetings

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, our Board of Directors did as those across the world did – they took to Zoom to facilitate necessary meetings while maintaining a safe distance.

Mask mandates in Washington State as well as any social distancing restrictions were lifted on March 12, 2022, and businesses across the state have moved towards in-person meetings.

Our Board of Directors continues to meet virtually with no plans to return to in-person, citing needing to “check with the health department” among other excuses.

While Zoom was an excellent tool in a time when we could not be together, it limits our community’s access to board meetings in the following ways:

  • Not all Members have access to or use the Internet.
  • Members have no visibility in meetings (cameras are never allowed to be on for Members).
  • Members are unable to see who else is attending.
  • No one knows who may be in the room with a Board Member when they are in closed session.

The Dance Barn (the nickname of the Community Center building where meetings have been held, historically) is large enough that Board Members could be spaced six (6) feet apart if continued distancing is desired, and anyone wishing to could wear a mask. There is no reason they cannot meet in person again and must resume so immediately for transparency and for the benefit of the community.

From our governing documents:

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