Christ the King (CTK)

Christ the King (CTK) Church has been a long time tenant of SCVA. They have helped with improvements to the barn, cleaning, events and more during their tenure. They host church services and provide a playroom and childcare area for children during their services and events. They also hold various free community events, including movie nights, and have done so for years.

Around February 2022, Director Wold (AKA Voldt) stated that all SVCA events need to be stopped to review the processes and procedures and she felt that SCVA staff was being used and directed by these groups during events creating liability to the Association.

At the same time, a current board member’s spouse was disparaging CTK on Facebook, claiming to be privy to their stance on the LGTBQ community and that they should no longer be welcome in Sudden Valley.

Soon after, the new Recreation Director was hired and the Community Center Infant Room (contracted for use by CTK during their church services) was converted to a new office. No notice was given to CTK and despite three (3) available desks in the recreation center office behind the reception desk.

Also during this time, CTK was requesting to put on the Easter Egg Hunt for Sudden Valley. They were directed by the Recreation Manager to submit their event for Board approval. The Board never reached back out to CTK and the approval was discovered after a community member emailed inquiring about the status and received a response from Director Wold (AKA Voldt) that it had been approved.

After the event, an active board member’s spouse wrote a Facebook tirade about how Easter egg hunts should not be allowed due to the pollution it causes (the eggs from this event are always collected at the end for re-use) and that we should not allow this to go on.

Is this any way to treat long standing tenants and volunteers who only serve to bring value and joy to our community?

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