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Members get to decide what kind of report card AJ, Sonia, Josh, and Kim deserve. Here are their stated and published priorities.

“AJ Tischleder – 2021 Voter Pamphlet – 2022 Budget Highlights by Strategic Priorities”
The following published Strategic Priorities, committed to by AJ Tischleder have not been started after nearly 7 months:

Update Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2023 -2032; Southern Court Repairs; Large Culvert or Bridge Inspection; Design of removal and replacement of Culvert 432; Remove and replace Culvert 25; Annual vegetation control of ditches, culverts, and swales (per 2016 SGM); New Level I Reserve Study; New Maintenance Building/Offices; Remove Barn 7 Foundation; New HVAC unit in Clubhouse; Additional kayak/canoe racks; Ice Barn refurbishment; Replace Sauna in Barn 8; Interconnected Trail System Design; Marina Parking Lot Reconfiguration; Key employee participation in the strategic planning process; Open-door policy with Board; Community feedback is embraced and considered; SVCA website redesign; Barn 8 Fire System; Barn 8 exterior rehabilitation; Barn 8 and Clubhouse plumbing system repair; Consistent existing services; eBlasts (Sudden Valley’s weekly community email); Side-walk alternatives on main roads – coordinate with resurfacing;

The following published Strategic Priorities have partially started after nearly 7 months:
Clean Green programs; Design and construction of a required Stormwater Mitigation Project; Road’s resurfacing and pothole repair; Live streamed meetings viewable on YouTube; The Views; Golf Enterprise presented a balanced operations budget.

The following published Strategic Priorities are unknown in status after nearly 7 months:
All employees will receive a 3% salary increase and an anticipated 8.4% increase in healthcare benefit costs; New road mower; 4 new Golf Course mowers; Annual SVCA Community Survey; Staff meetings / training; Collaborate with Whatcom County to receive additional support, and Diverse recreation opportunities for our multi-generational residents.
Unplanned Actions Implemented – voted to spend $1,500,000 to purchase the Sun Mark property.
Our four Corporate Executives set the agendas to achieve the priorities. This lop-sided demonstration of failure to follow their own priorities is an over abundance of reason to recall the four executives and banish this behavior.

Sign the petition. Get involved. Volunteer,
Run for the Board, Run for N&E, ,Run for ACC. Help banish this behavior.

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