El Agave

In June 2021, issues with the restaurant portion of the clubhouse were discovered, Extensive water damage was going to require closure of the kitchen for repairs. It was mutually decided between SVCA and El Agave to close from November through December (later shortened to just December) of 2021 for the repairs to occur.

By the end of January 2022 the repairs were reportedly still ongoing with no communication on the status. In February 2022 we were told that the damage was worse than originally realized and that we needed to have mold remediation before the actual work could be done.

By the middle of February an update was provided that due to Cruz and company entering the kitchen area that they violated a fire code and were now in negotiations with SVCA’s attorneys. Around the same time another update was provided that Cruz was not responding to the lawyer and that’s why the delay was still there.

In late February, El Agave was allowed to open operations out of the 19th hole downstairs but no notice was given to anyone that this was done. Director Wold (AKA Voldt) said it is not the association’s job to advertise for them. During this time the lights inside of the building were on 24/7 but the parking lot and sidewalk lights were not turned on. After several attempts at people trying to communicate to the board this was an issue there was no response.

Approximately two weeks later, it was stated that SVCA needed an electrician to come out and repair the lights. The status of the lights is currently unknown and no updates have been provided.

As of April 2022, the upper restaurant repair status was that no contractors have been lined up and the RFP process was soon to begin.

El Agave has been left to operate out of the 19th Hole (lower restaurant with a smaller kitchen). They have been (allowed) to expand seating and hours with some rent being discounted.

The golf course has reportedly lost the opportunity to host two tournaments due to lack of adequate restaurant facilities.

As of Tuesday, May 10, the status of the El Agave kitchen can be seen in the Member provided video below.

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