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I attended both Town Halls on 6/5/22. Below are my impressions of what I heard:

The meeting felt a bit like a nightmare with all of the unbelievable tales from very responsible members of the community.

The dysfunction expressed by the many participants was far more extensive than I ever imagined. I’m surprised that it’s not criminal. Perhaps it is. There’s a fiduciary responsibility Board members and the GM have. It’s as if they have no clue what their responsibilities are. Things so egregious as I heard today, may need to be presented to the WA State attorney general for investigation. One example – the Board purchased the Sun Mark property on Lake Louise for $1.5 Million when one estimate of market value was about $850,000 – without discussing such a purchase of that scale with the community members. We don’t even know the condition of the property! That’s unheard of. That would NEVER have happened by the Board that I was a member of. The irresponsibility of the return of the Transfer Fees to members – for what sounded like selfish $$$ interests of Board members when we have such substantial infrastructure problems, is very troubling.

The good news is that the 10% threshold for recall of the selected Board members has been reached, so the recall may proceed – apparently not soon enough. Problem is, that a supermajority vote is needed for removal. The other problem is, if the recall is successful, the remaining Board members are the ones to “select” the replacements. They could select clones of the ones just removed. Then it is the November election that gives the community the opportunity to elect those more qualified and responsible. There will be 4 open seats, I believe.

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