Marina Dock

In early 2020 the old wooden marina dock failed in a strong storm.  In March 2020 the Recreation Manager brought bids to the Board to select a contractor to replace the dock.  The bid was awarded to Lakeside Marine.  Due to COVID and permitting delays, the new dock was not installed until May of 2021 under a new Board and new interim GM.  The recreation manager had also resigned in late 2020.

Shortly after the dock was installed it was apparent that the step up to the pier was not ADA accessible.  This was brought to the attention of both the Board and staff by November 2021 at the latest.  In January 2022 the Marina Manager sent a letter to all tenants letting them know that an ADA accessible ramp would be installed in 2022.

A member called into the February 24, 2022 Board meeting asking for the status of addressing ADA with the launch ramp.  He was met with rude accusations and dismissiveness by Director Wold (AKA Voldt).

The boat launch was closed just a few days later and then it was discovered (or made known) that the dock installation lacked proper permitting.  The dock was then removed with the only explanation being that it was advised by our attorney.

In May, the Bellingham Herald ran an article stating that SVCA had filed suit against the dock contractor for installing a dock with lack of permits and ADA compliance.  A county official was quoted in the article saying they did not intend to fine SVCA and that they were not sure what ADA compliance would look like.  The lawsuit was unknown to membership prior to the Herald report.

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