Who is Actually in Charge?

A General Manager was hired December 27, 2021 yet as of late April, communication including contractor bids are being addressed to Director Sonia Wold (AKA Voldt) who has, to date, been granted no authority by the Board of Directors to act as staff or management. She has repeatedly been seen in manager meetings at Tino’s, working directly with recreation staff and appears to continue to be involved in the day-to-day operations of the Association without assigned authority.

Our Bylaws state that the Board of Directors as a whole have the authority to manage the operations of the Association or through delegation. Not by self-designation or by the Board turning a blind eye to the proper management of our community affairs.

Snippet from the Sudden Valley Community Association Bylaws
Snippet of a PNW memo addressed to Director Wold (AKA Voldt) dated April 29, 2022
Source: 5/4/2022 Board of Director Meeting Agenda

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