Wilfire Season

Wildfire season is here again – will we have yet another record-breaking year of heat, burn bans, no rain and wildfires? 8000 people live in our heavily forested community, and EVERY ONE of us wants to be adequately notified about an emergency and to be able to escape the area quickly and safely when necessary. Our Board needs to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for whatever they CAN do to protect us and our community from wildfire devastation in, at the very least, these 3 ways:
NOTIFICATION – How will we ALL be notified in an emergency? The vast majority of residents have NO IDEA how they would be notified if a wildfire starts up nearby and they have to leave the area immediately.
EVACUATION – How will all 8000 of us reach safety via narrow tree-covered roads to very few gates? Additional exits out of SV need to be planned and provided NOW.
FIREWISE – For years we have had a Firewise program to promote and help residents remove debris from our property. This year – so far NOTHING and NO word on when it might ever happen. SVCA must also clear debris from all HOA property just as we each need to do on our own. As a Whatcom expert stated, “A wildfire in Sudden Valley is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.”
We need our OFFICIAL representatives of our community (Board, General Manager, other designated representatives) to step up and work with the experts (Whatcom County, our Fire Departments, etc) on joint plans to keep us as safe as possible, starting NOW. These Board members are refusing to do their jobs and that’s why 3 of them are now facing a RECALL.

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