Your Dues Dollars at Work

Member Nathan Ulin submitted a Letter to the Editor in April 2022 responding to the “Your Dues Dollars at Work” page on the SVCA website HERE. Below are his observations.

People were mad about the dues increases but not really mad about paying the same amount in dues but getting less? We are not getting what we are paying for anymore per

– Nathan Ulin, Sudden Valley 411 Facebook Page

Want to know what your monthly dues payment is supposed to cover?
Selected items we are not getting include but not limited to the following:

  1. Recording of member payments: There are several Marina/Kayak payments that have not been taken or recorded. (Edit, this may be taken care of with new Rec Director)
  2. No dock/wet slip maintenance. No boat launch usability and maintenance it is closed with NO ETA and no dredging of harbor.
  3. There has been no updating the SVCA trails map, including conditions, needs, regulatory equipment & usage accessing impact & implementing interpretive displays integrated into the trail system & seeking funding for ongoing maintenance, expansion, and improvement of SVCA parks and rec facilities.
  4. No cleaning and repairing of most street signs.
  5. No Cleaning of Culverts.
  6. Have we inspected any of the inspection items listed in the document? Have we done any of the pressure washing or maintenance listed?
  7. No street sweeping, the salt and gravel from winter remains on the roads.
  8. Has any road repairs or painting since the summer of 2021 been done?
  9. No maintaining trails including: trimming back trails, adding gravel, installing drainage and debris removal.
  10. Selective responses to reported safety issues. I.E roads being blocked etc. Example: The kids school bus stop is failing on Harborview Dr., and despite being reported several times it has never been answered or even acknowledged. (Edit, kids’ shelter was repaired as of this writing)
  11. Not processing received notice of violations from security or ACC Specialists.
  12. Very few ACC committee meetings done in February or March, was on “hiatus”. (Edit, ACC new members have yet to be approved. There are only 3 ACC members)
  13. There is no oversight of locks and badges. Library lock currently broken with a sign to contact the old manager Norm who has been gone for a few years now.
  14. Emergency response committee was dissolved. No alerts, manager or anything related to the emergency response bullets at all. We had two major events with no support that our dues pay for. There is a park still with cones that little kids play on that had sewage. No update.
  15. There are no advertised exercise classes as laid out in the document. (Edit, no one has been allowed to do anymore events besides the CTK egg hunt. They said they are sorting that out. Residents will be charged to use Library, Barn etc. $350 deposit and $20 an hour if allowed)

Not laid out specifically in this document but we were getting as part of our dues, and now we are not:

  1. Support for the community cupboard which helped a bunch of families who needed it. This was closed without any notice.
  2. Support for the little libraries and Pantries. These were voted approved in November of 2021 but since have been talked about as a liability and needing to be removed.
  3. Selective responses from the board and staff on emails and calls about various issues. They either only respond to some or none. The GM has no voicemail or means of contacting him at all despite his 6 figure a year salary.
  4. Lighting in the El Agave parking lot has been out for the entire time the 19th hole has been open. (Edit, this may have been fixed BUT with heavy golf season approaching having the main restaurant closed is going to hurt golf revenue.)
  5. The GM is refusing to meet with homeowners and Sonia was assigned GM and as of 3/21/22 is still directing staff. (Edit, GM stated his response to community members IS selective. If you do not get a response, send another email…) (As of 4/13 Sonia was seen still directing the new GM and new Junior GM)
  6. Events budget reduced in half. There is an approval process now that should not be needed for long standing events.
  7. We have not heard about the transfer fee refund, and this fee was charged into January 2022. This will potentially be over 1.1 million we are giving away. (No real updates here except we will be paying a third party an undisclosed amount to do this.)
  8. The park by the barn is still closed. A staff member stated it was because it is not ADA compliant and other parks that were recently redone may suffer the same fate.

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