Dear Sudden Valley Community Member,

Attached please find the yard sign supporting the recall for the following members of our community Board of Directors:

  • Andrew (AJ) Tischleder, President
  • Sonia Wold AKA Sonia Voldt, Secretary (now Treasurer)

Our Executive Board has continued to fail this community in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Unprecedented staff turnover
  • Periods of no functioning ACC, leaving Members unable to have projects approved
  • Severe lack of transparency to the Members
  • Refusal to resume in-person meetings allowing the Membership to participate fully
  • Hiring a GM who will not communicate with the Members
  • Lack of response to Member requests for information
  • Failure to provide written meeting minutes for months
  • Closure of facilities and playgrounds without communication or timelines
  • Lack of accountability

While we, as Members, hold different ideas on what the best path forward for this Association may be, we can all agree that this current leadership is not the answer. We have been patient as we waited for them to learn how to govern and prove their abilities in moving us forward as a community. We now demand the opportunity to hold a vote for removal to re-establish our Board with Members who are vested in the best interest of the entire community.

Please share with your neighbors and support this recall by voting YES on your Special General Meeting Ballot before Saturday, August 13th, 2022. It’s time to show this Board that we are Standing Together – Reclaiming Our Neighborhood Governance.

Please vote and show your support with our downloadable yard sign.

Thank you for contributing to the positive movement forward this community needs. Please share with your neighbors who are ready for change.


Sudden Valley STRONG