For those new to the neighborhood or for those unsure how to complete your ballot, regardless of how you vote, this PSA is for you:

Make sure your vote is counted – there is a lot of information that comes along with the ballot and if you don’t read the instructions carefully, your vote MAY be INVALID. Please ensure your voice is heard.

  • You should have received your ballot in the mail by now or as of 7/21/22.
  • If you have yet to receive a ballot, call Unilect’s Ballot Request Call Center, toll free, at 1-866-466-6455, ASAP to request a duplicate ballot. You will need to let operators know you are with the Sudden Valley Community Association and provide further identifying information. Operators are standing by and available 24/7 throughout he balloting period. 
  • If you have your ballot, you should have received the front and back instructions/recall measures, a secret ballot envelope and a business reply envelope. 
    • Read the instructions thoroughly and carefully to ensure your vote is counted!
      • Vote Yes to recall. 
    • Use a dark blue or black ink pen (or sharpie) to completely fill in the bubble.
    • Place all necessary items in the business reply envelope (completed ballot and secrecy envelope) and sign the envelope (signature line on the back) and send to the address for Unilect/Inspector of Elections, PO Box 66587, Scotts Valley CA, 95067-9800.
      • Ensure you sign the return envelope or your ballot will not be counted.
  • Multiple Lot Owners: you will receive a ballot for each property.
    • Yes, you get to place a vote for each property you own.

We hope this helps as it may be your first time voting here in Sudden Valley. Your voice in this community IS important – ensure your vote counts!